Sorry I Disappeared!

Hello everyone back home!

Unfortunately, time has managed to escape me here in the bush and before I knew it I hadn’t updated my blog in a few months…woof! There are so many things to catch everyone up on back home that I don’t even know where to start off!

My research is going fantastic currently at Camp Jabulani and I couldn’t be more happy with the behavioral results I am seeing with our elephants. I have become so close to the herd and the elephant handlers, that I have started writing blogs for Camp Jabulani about my amazing times with them. I will start posting my blog posts here as well as sharing them on Facebook for anyone who is interested. You can also follow the Camp Jabulani blog posts and see what else is going on at the amazing place I work at @http://campjabulani.com/blog .

number 1.jpg

Ill leave you all off with the beautiful Limpopo. She is one of the funniest elephants in the herd here and obviously one of the most photogenic as well!