A Nutty Situation

So yesterday, as the Chefs and I were leaving to head into work, we heard a really strange noise coming from the back of the house. It became progressively louder and sounded like something was crying out in distress. One of the chefs ran to the back of the house to see what was going on and found Patches, our fierce leopard house cat, chewing on a baby squirrel! After an intense wrestling match, she was able to get the baby away from Patches. The baby was very weak and obviously upset that it had almost been eaten by Patches. We took it back to get some food, warmth and rest. Later that day we discovered the baby squirrel was a boy and it was named Timone. I have now somehow become one of the official baby sitters for Timone, as his mom cooks in the kitchen and dad takes guests on game drives. My proposal is due tomorrow morning and I have a baby squirrel sitting on my shoulder nibbling at my ear. What is my life?

Oh and if anyone was wondering, baby squirrels love tummy and neck rubs and shake their hind leg much like a dog would when getting loved on. So freaking cute!







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